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Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Close, Yet So Far!

I am only TWO levels away from Magnus. TWO!

Let me tell you, it drives me insane!

Up the wall! Down the hall!

Curse it all, I'm doing Wheelie impressions! (Again, Transformers G1 reference. He's an annoying little robot who rhymes)

Quite honestly, I want to be a Grandmaster right now. Or I'm going to have a cow!

There I go again!

Being a Grandmaster sounds so awesome! Being able to go every where and help out the new people. Like my twin bro and my psychotic sister (the latter is in love with Megatron. Don't ask why, I don't know).

And that's it really. I would like to thank the Friendly Necromancer for answering my question concerning Blood Moss. Now I just need some Scrap Metal and I'll be able to buy that spell...

Whoot! I got visited by ze Storm Bird! (Wish that was a spell I could learn) And he praised me! Mega awesome!

And that's all I got. See ya.


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  2. You haven't posted in a REALLY long time. :(