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Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Close, Yet So Far!

I am only TWO levels away from Magnus. TWO!

Let me tell you, it drives me insane!

Up the wall! Down the hall!

Curse it all, I'm doing Wheelie impressions! (Again, Transformers G1 reference. He's an annoying little robot who rhymes)

Quite honestly, I want to be a Grandmaster right now. Or I'm going to have a cow!

There I go again!

Being a Grandmaster sounds so awesome! Being able to go every where and help out the new people. Like my twin bro and my psychotic sister (the latter is in love with Megatron. Don't ask why, I don't know).

And that's it really. I would like to thank the Friendly Necromancer for answering my question concerning Blood Moss. Now I just need some Scrap Metal and I'll be able to buy that spell...

Whoot! I got visited by ze Storm Bird! (Wish that was a spell I could learn) And he praised me! Mega awesome!

And that's all I got. See ya.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wizard101 picked as Best Family Game of 09! And Updates!

Like the heading says, Wizard101 got picked as the Best Family Game of 09!

I say this is a cue for something big to happen. You know, to start the year spectacularly!

I can't wait to see what's in store, KingsIsle.

And if you don't believe me, here it is, straight from the Headmaster!

And updates. I am now in the Tomb of Storms. Hardest, thing ever! I'm seriously cursing myself for not choosing Myth as my second!

Don't get me wrong, I love Fire. Their spells are extremely handy when you're all by yourself. Myth would be just as handy.

Though, I don't have enough crowns to trade all of my Fire spells in for Myth or Death (Death sounds good. I've been hearing extremely good things about it from another blogger). So I shall just pursue my Fire knowledge. Nothing wrong with doing that. It's all offensive spells, unless if there's some weird way I could learn Link.

I am also now level 26. Hurray for Windstorm! Now I can do 45% damage if I stack both Windstorm and Storm Trap! 75% with Storm Blade added! Now, that is an OMP, Tiff. (Inside joke. You have to be a Transformers fan to get it) Imagine 75% more damage to my Kraken spell...ah, the sweet, sweet damage points.

Also, I love crafting. I find in less expensive then actually buying the stuff. So, while in the Tomb of Storms, I buy a recipe for some FloodFire shoes. They would give me 26 health points, 2% Fire accuracy, 1% Fire damage plus, and 1% Storm damage plus. I've got almost everything I need. I just need some bloody Blood Moss.

I have camped out in the Bazaar for hours at on end. Not fun. When I try to buy some, someone beats me to it.

I'm considering asking the Friendly Necromancer. He certainly knows a lot, even if he didn't know about Smogger (hey, if it makes you any feel better, Friendly, I didn't even know about Smogger!)

And that's all for now. Ta-ta!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm leveling up really fast.

Probably because I do all of the side quests in one area before moving on to the next. Yeah, that's probably it because now I'm level 24.

But, for all of my higher level glory, I can not beat these two quests.

One is the Golden Fang quest and the other one is the one where we have to find proof of Grub.

The Golden Fang quest, for readers who don't know what that is, is a quest where you have to beat a boss and then solve a puzzle. I can beat three of the bosses with Tiffany's help. On my own, I can maybe beat one of the three puzzle bosses. Maybe. That's how pitiful I am. And then, after you beat the bosses and solve the three puzzles, you have to face yet another boss for the Golden Fang.

Let me tell you, I absolutely hate this quest.

The Grub quest is where you have to find proof to prove Professor Cyrus Drake wrong. I love proving people wrong. It's one of my many, many hobbies.

But this quest is just ridiculous.

You have to beat two bosses with keys to two gates. Then you go to a tower. It's like the Golem Tower all over again. And not only that, but right when you go into Sunken City, you get sucked into a battle of you vs. three Wandering Spectors. Extremely not fun if you're by yourself (which I am most of the time).

And I also did some ranked PvP. I got beat pretty badly the first battle, the second battle I got the rudest partner ever. His name was Andrew WildBolt.

Ugh, he was horrible. It all started when he asked a question to one of our opponents, Blake FrostBreaker. When Blake didn't answer, it all went downhill.

Apparently, Blake hadn't been at the computer when the question was asked.

Andrew said, "I'm asking you a question, dirt bag."

I told him to calm down. He basically told me that I couldn't make him do anything. That much was true and I told him he was right. I got a "Whatever" in response.

Then Blake came back and it went even further downhill, if possible.

After the match, I reported him for unnecessary harassment. He wasn't just harassing Blake. He was bad mouthing his brother (who was Blake's partner) as well for using a mutate spell. Pa-lease. Grow up.

And then, he asked Blake if he was a Magnus Thaumaturge. Blake said yes. Andrew then started pointing out the obvious, saying that he was a Magnus Pyromancer.

It's people like Andrew who make me wish that I was captured by giant alien robots...(Yes, I am a huge Transformers fan)

So far, today has stunk. Thanks Andrew, for ruining my this part of my holiday.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve and Comics

Like it says up there, happy New Years! Hope you all have a good year this next year.

And oh yes, I made comics. Here's a few:
I was listening to my new iPod nano when this came to my mind. XD I find this hilarious, even if you all don't.

Ah yesssss, I've decided that all of the Krokotopian bosses' voices sound hot. Smooth, yet furry. *purrs*
That's all I'm going to put up for now (because I am a lazy wizard).
See you all in the new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Night of Glitches

Okay, a weird glitch happened last night when I was playing. So I was in Krokotopia (I'm skimming through it, by the way. It's very easy, yet fun at the same time) and I click the button to teleport me to the Oasis. I go, but my Meowmodon stayed.

And I had no visiual on me, but I had full control of my Meowmodon (I still need a nickname for him). So if anyone say that, that was me!

If you think that this is some tall tale I cooked up (I am a writer, after all), here is proof:
See?! I wasn't imagining this or dreaming! And then there was another glitch where instead of running, I was sliding. As fun as it was, it was totally weird. And then, there was the glitch where my staff was up side down...
On the night of December 29, 2009: there was glitches. For me at least, I didn't see if this happened to anyone else.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


That's right, I've made Journeyman....but I'm a female. Shouldn't that be Journeywoman for me? I mean seriously, not all of us on this game are male. That's why they offer a girl feature at the beginning of the game. A notable female player would be Amber Deathsong, the Friendly Necromancer's daughter. Grandmaster Life Wizard. Coolest girl player I've ever read of (I haven't the fortune to meet her yet).

Oh yeah, thanks for the advice, Friendly! It was really helpful! ^_^

I'm now in Krokotopia. Yay! *does a happy dance*

If you don't believe me, here I am:
And yes, I did cave in and get a Meowmodon. True, they are slower than the rest of the mounts (I learned that after I got mine), but it goes to a good cause. I don't have a nick name for mine yet, but if any of you have one (as original as Tiressa, no "Stripes" please) feel free to tell me. You can be as blunt as you like with it.

Though, I'm going to finish all of my Colossus Road quests first. Why?

Because I have an extremely bad feeling that I'll need all of the experience I can get for Krokotopia. isn't a bad feeling, I have a friend who has finished Krokotopia. Tiffany has finished both Krokotopia and Marleybone (I think Marleybone...I haven't asked her yet).

Anywho, things have been hectic for me. With Christmas and everything, I haven't gotten some good play time in. I did today though, after my twin got bored of the new video game he had gotten (Wii Sports Resort. I love the Sword Play! Is anyone surprised? You shouldn't be).

And here's a picture of one of Tiffany's spells: (This one happens to be a favorite of mine)
The Heckhound. It's adorable, powerful, and it's a wolf-like animal. Who-ever designed it gets an A+ from me (that's if anything I say actually matters). And yes, that is me in the background. When I had my old Senior Novice Robes. I currantly wear a Cloudburst Coat. it's time for random photos!

My friend, Brady ThunderBlade; Tiffany; and myself.

A bloody miracle. Merle Ambrose's room empty. It's usually so full, that you can't even see Merle (I'm exaggerating, of course. But it is pretty crowded in there).

I found a reason why everyone makes fun of us Storm wizards. This. I'm not making fun of this person, but really? You're playing a game designed for boys and you're wearing magenta? A darker shade of pink? (I don't care if they call it "Light Purple" in the game! It's magenta!) This is what makes me disgusted to be female. You're always expected to be girly and to like the stereotypical "girl" things (i.e. make-up, shopping, etc.). It sickens me to the very core. *clears throat* Sorry, ranting again. For future warning, I tend to ramble and rant.

The FireCat Alley Statue. My favorite statue. Why? Look at it! It's gorgeous!

And I finally did the Golem Tower! *dances* Thank somebody! It was easy now that I've trained hard in both of my two schools (Storm and Fire. I regret not choosing Death or Myth because I need some Spiritual [Excuse the pun] power)

And...that's it. See ya next time folks.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photo Time!

Today, this post is just for me to get all of my photos of Wizard101 on the net.

Me in the Dragonspyre arena (I was watching some random people fight. Thought I would learn something)
Me in Haunted Cave (I was training overtime because I need to beat the Golem Tower)

Still Haunted Cave

Always brush up on your Thunder Snake obediance. They tend to disobey a lot.

The waterfalls of Triton Avenue, second floor.

Me and the Kraken (Man, I can't wait to get that spell!)

And that is all, for now anyways. Oh, and guess what? I went looking in 5 different stores for the Wizard101 giftcards. Not a single store had them in stock or even listed in their data-banks. Bummer.